Catching calm

So I live in Wylie, Texas and we had a hail storm April 11 that was damaging to my house and friends houses. Driving through my neighborhood looks like a war zone and work is just starting to come together. My roof is being put back and Windows should be completely fine next week. 


Hospitals and friends 

I am at the Plano Baylor hospital with my dear friend Christie. She is having a procedure done so I came to be a ride and moral support. I am anxious for her and she is in great spirits today.  I am thankful for my good health and my life, friends, family and the abundance of love in my heart. 

Much love


Reading other’s blogs

Wow I have found new ideas for Aquaponics (water , plants and fish growing). I have learned about fabric screening with paint. My daughter started school and we are going to get water color paint supplies which I love getting art supplies.  I am incorporating some quiet time each day to read or journal on paper as I drink a lovely cup of tea. I am organizing my life for an explosion of fun and abundance that I am still having a little fear about, however I also know that growth and success are supposed to give a bit of uncomfortable feelings and I am ready to push through to find my way.  Clear the mind each day and do some unrestricted writing.  I love coloring books and using pencils and brush markers.  May your day be filled with joy and abundance of love.

Kind regards,

Matha Dawn

Marketing Ideas

A whirlwind of activity in my head.  Business cards to introduce myself finally done.  Writing down a journal of what I am doing just starting out and learning my way around. Being a mom , aunt, sister, daughter , friend I take these very seriously.  Wanting to help others find the passion they have and how to use it every day that is my calling.  Thanks for listening.

Keeping happy 

So everyone in my house seems ill with dry hacking cough, sore throat and fever to top it off. I gave them all honey and cinnamon with hot pumpkin spice chai tea. I bolstered my immune system also then took my unfiltered apple juice with my Oceans Alive Phytoplankton to keep my energy levels up and an extra dose of Congicated Linoliac Acid for protein. Sleep is in the near future I need at least 7 hours to stay healthy. 

Blessings to all,

Matha Dawn

New Learning and Techniques

I have been on a journey to find myself.  Cliche I know and yet it is the truth. I found out I was afraid to succeed. I was not in alignment with the universe for living to my fullest potential. I was afraid to actually go for what I wanted most which is to help others learn to love themselves so profoundly that others want to be near them to learn how to love and be open for love, prosperity and abundance.  So this day after pondering and fretting and being filled with sorrow for Paris November 13-16 feeling paralyzed to do anything I have decided to stand up, pull up my boot straps and start again.  Thank you for joining me on this journey.

Much Love and Hope,

Matha Dawn Harris


A very special person Tammy Adams was killed in a motorcycle crash Sunday February 13,2011 and her mate Jaime Adams is in critical condition and needs our prayers to heal the broken body and damaged spirit. The family is suffering the loss of a shining star  who could and did light up a room just by entering and smiling. She will be missed dearly. We will celebrate her life with friends Saturday February 19,2011 and shed tears of grief and friendship.