Happy New Year 2017 The Year of Possibilities 

This is the year to allow the possible to be heard and the soul to rejoice. I send much love and abundance with prosperity to all. I am living a grateful life. I have met so many who inspire me to do something more than what I have been doing. If you have suggestions fantastic I am open to receive. 

Much Love and kindness, 



Day after election we have Mr.Trump as President elect

Some of my friends are angry some are happy for the change to Mr. Trump and that is their choice. I am choosing to start living in my fiery thoughts and delicious desires to create a life of love and acceptance of me. First part was going from blonde to redhead to let my inner fire show everyday. 

Much love, 


Saturday afternoon 

Sitting on the back porch talking to my daughter Pearl about my grandson Gage’s up coming surgery my heart hurts because I want to be in Michigan when he’s going through it. I love the grandkids all of them and cannot wait till I can manifest a holiday meal with the entire family under one roof. The chaos and wonderful smells with the spattering of conversation and laughter. I am feeling blessed. 

House repairs coming along

I have windows in my house again after the hail storm took them out back on April 11.2016 and just like eyes are the windows to the soul I feel as if my house is happy to have light shining in again. Now some interior items can be fixed and then comes the reorganization of living spaces.  I have a deep connection with stuff and I am learning to let go of what no longer serves the home. More to come on that later. 

Leading in Love

Love letters in a mail box create smiles.  Being one who enjoys special notes or posts cards sits and writes them out for friends and family.  I send letters out and sometimes I receive a social note back sometimes it elicits a phone conversation.  If you think about someone take time to let them know and tell friends and family you love them. E-mail is wonderful but to make a day special drop a letter in the post and give someone a thrill. 

Much Love,

Matha Dawn

Times in Dallas

So Thursday night in downtown a shooter decided to kill police officers the news coverage was out in left field About the man whom doesn’t deserve a name. Then the holes in the story and other stories where there have been shootings only half baked before presenting as fact stirring up emotions and anger fueled with hate. My love for my fellow travelers in this thing called life is how I want to be known. Granted if needed I will protect myself, my family, friends and my country from those that want to destroy us. 

Much Love 


Healthy Living

So a month ago I started weight training with my daughter and eating healthier and drinking tons of water… I feel great and have more energy. Habits take 21 days to take hold good or bad so I have been tracking food, water and exercise. My main problem was not eating the wrong things or drinking sodas it was eating enough to survive and keeping my body in starvation mode so it would not let go of my fat. Now I have amped up my calories and eating every 2-4 hours to keep fuel in the furnace. Next heathy habit to work on is sleeping 8 hours instead of 5. This is me when I started in green and the second is me a month later. 

Day after holiday weekend 

Went to work and had a Monday on a Tuesday so…. Decided this evening was going to turn things around. I signed up for a weight loss, lifestyle change group. I made it to my 7 o’clock meeting and it was informative and dare I say fun? Yes I do dare. I looked up some recipes for the week and weighed myself yikes! Slowly but surely I am getting consistent on my steps daily using a Fitbit and making sure to stand and dance daily!! Tonight I am more relaxed and I know tomorrow Wednesday will be fabulous. Much Love

Matha Dawn 

Keeping above water…

I am blessed to be in my home after the storms and keeping my animals together. I have a good contractor who is taking care of things. Is it progressing as fast as I would like well no but there are houses far worse then mine with family being spread out or animals having to stay at friends for a while. I was saddened to see folks coming through peddling their work in an emergency situation only to come back later with an invoice high enough to build a shed in the back yard or a new appliance shame on them. I am blessed because I have my family and friends in my heart and I have love and kindness in my heart. May you find your blessing and hold onto it. 

Much love,

Matha Dawn 

Living love and family

This has been a month of mixed emotions I am working full time at Intuit and going through the clutter that is my house to get ready for repairs to be done. Over a month with no windows to see the front yard or be a beacon in the night. I feel odd when folks come over but that is me mirroring my disappointment of my house to others judging the disaster. I am happy to be living in my home with my fur babies and family. 

Much blessings and a little check in.